Braskem America Tetramer

Braskem America Tetramer is also known as 1-Propene Tetramer, is a hydrocarbon intermediate categorized under olefins. It plays a vital role as a base chemical in various industrial applications, particularly in chemical manufacturing processes. The product finds use in producing dodecylbenzene, dodecylphenol, isoparaffin, and tridecyl alcohol.

Chemical Name1-Propene, Tetramer, Alkenes, C11-13, C12-Rich

CAS Number6842-15-5, 68526-58-9

End UsesDodecylbenzene, Dodecylphenol, Isoparaffin, Tridecyl Alcohol


Physical FormLiquid

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Physical Form
Clear and bright
Typical Properties - Plaque Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Chemical FormulaC₁₂H₂₄
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Water Content50ppmASTM D6304
Anti Oxidant75ppmBraskem Method
Total Chloride1ppmASTM D5808
Color5Pt‐CoASTM D1209
Density (at 20/4ºC)0.767ASTM D4052
Density (at 15/4°C)0.770ASTM D4052
Sulfur Contentmax. 0.1ppmASTM D5453
Bromine Number87g Br₂/100gASTM D1159
Peroxides1.5ppmASTM D2340
Initial Boiling point178.5°CASTM D86
Final Boiling Point201°CASTM D86
C90.2% wtBraskem Method
C105% wtBraskem Method
C1114.5% wtBraskem Method
C1273.5% wtBraskem Method
C135% wtBraskem Method
C141.5% wtBraskem Method
C150.5% wtBraskem Method
Olefins99.75% volASTM D1319

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