Braskem America Piperylene

Braskem America Piperylene is a hydrocarbon compound, serves as an essential raw material for producing hydrocarbon resins. These resins find application in various industries, including adhesives, paints, plastics, and rubbers. With its role as an intermediate, Piperylene plays a crucial part in chemical manufacturing processes, contributing to the creation of adhesives, inks, and paints used in industrial settings. Its C5-rich composition, along with the presence of dicyclopentadiene, makes it a versatile component for chemical and industrial manufacturing needs.

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Chemical Name: Hydrocarbons, C5-Rich, Dicyclopentadiene-contg.

CAS Number: 102110-15-6

End Uses: Adhesives, Inks, Paints

Functions: Intermediate

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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
Base Chemicals Functions

Applications & Uses

Base Chemicals End Uses


Clear and free of sediments
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
2‐Methylbutene‐2min. 5% wtInternal
Isoprenemax. 1% wtInternal
CPD + DCPDmax. 7% wtInternal
N‐Pentanemax. 5% wtInternal
Sulfur Contentmax. 200ppm wtASTM D 5453
Carbonyl Contentmax. 250ppm wtASTM D 4423
Water Contentmax. 400ppm wtASTM E203
TBC100 ‐ 200ppm wtASTM D 1157
Typical Properties - Plaque Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Puritymin. 55% wtInternal

Regulatory & Compliance

Quality Standards