Ezolem™ 6/15

Ezolem™ 6/15 is a hydrocarbon solvent, specifically a solvent-refined light naphtha (petroleum) with a yellow color. It is a versatile ingredient used in various consumer goods and industrial applications, including bedding, footwear, and furniture. In the adhesive and sealant industry, it serves as a solvent, particularly in furniture adhesives and textile & footwear adhesives. This liquid product is also utilized in cleaning formulations for its high solvency. With its aliphatic and hydrocarbon properties, Ezolem™ 6/15 acts as a processing aid in elastomers and plastics, making it an essential component in the production process.

Chemical Name: Naphtha (petroleum), solvent-refined light

Functions: Solvent

CAS Number: 64741-84-0

Chemical Family: Aliphatics, Alkanes, Hydrocarbons, Mineral Oils, Naphthenics & Naphthalenes

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Identification & Functionality

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Plastics & Elastomers Functions

Features & Benefits

HII Features
Product Highlights
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent composed by a mixture of paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons
  • Mild solvent with evaporation rate of 442 ( n-butyl Acetate = 100) and aniline point of 51°C
  • Low concentration of Olefin and Sulphonated compounds.

Applications & Uses



Physical Form
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Benzenemax. 0.1% volASTM D6563
Colormax. 30Pt‐CoASTM D120
Initial Boiling Pointmin. 50°CASTM D86
Final Boiling Pointmax. 200°CASTM D86
Total Sulfur0.1% massASTM D5453 / ASTM D6667

Regulatory & Compliance

Quality Standards

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
2 Years