Braskem America Butadiene

Braskem America Butadiene is a gas and a member of the Butadienes chemical family. As a monomer in chemical manufacturing processes, it plays a crucial role in producing NBR Rubber, Rubber, Polybutadiene, and Styrene-Butadiene Rubber. It finds extensive use in the automotive industry, particularly in tire manufacturing.

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Chemical Name: Buta-1,3-diene

CAS Number: 106-99-0

Chemical Family: Butadienes, Olefins

Synonyms: 1,3-Butadiene, alpha,gamma-Butadiene, Biethylene, Bivinyl, Butadiene, Divinyl, Erythrene, Vinylethylene

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Physical Form
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Purity (BA)99.5%
Ethyl Acetylene (BA)max. 10ppmASTM D2593
Total Acetylenes (BA)max. 20ppmASTM D2593
Propadiene (BA)max. 100ppmASTM D2593
C5s+ Hydrocarbons (BA)max. 100ppmASTM D2593
Carbonyl Compounds with Acetaldehydes (BA)max. 10ppmASTM D4423
Non‐volatile Residue (BA)max. 100ppmASTM D1025
Peroxide with Active Oxygen (BA)max. 2ppmASTM E298
TBC (BA)50 - 100ppmASTM D1157
Total Sulfur as H₂Smax. 5ppmASTM D6667/ ASTM D5504
Dimersmax. 200ppmASTM D2593
Atomic Nitrogen (BA)max. 10ppmASTM D4629/ Braskem Method
DEHA (BA)max. 5ppm
1,2 Butadiene (RS)max. 20ppm molASTM D2593
1,3 Butadiene (RS)99.5mol %
Total Acetylenes (RS)max. 100ppm molASTM D2593
Carbonyl Compounds with Acetaldehydes (RS)max. 20ppm massASTM D4423
Propadiene (RS)max. 5ppm molASTM D2593
Non‐volatile Residuemax. 200ppm massASTM D1025
Peroxide with Active Oxygen (RS)max. 2ppm massASTM E298
TBC (RS)50 - 150ppm massASTM D1157
Total Sulfur (RS)max. 5ppm molASTM D6667/ ASTM D5504
Dimers (RS)max. 500ppm massASTM D2593
Ethylacetylene (RS)max. 50ppm molASTM D2593
Purity (SP)99.5%ASTM D2593
1,2 Butadiene (SP)max. 20ppm massASTM D2593
Total Acetylenes (SP)max. 30ppm molASTM D2593
Propadiene (SP)max. 5ppm molASTM D2593
NMP (Solvent, SP)max. 10ppm massASTM D4291
Oxigen (Vapor Phase)max. 0.3vol %Braskem Method
Peroxides (SP)max. 5ppm massASTM D5799
TBC100 - 150ppm massASTM D1157
Sulfur (SP)max. 5ppm massASTM D6667
Dimers (with VCH, SP)max. 500ppm massASTM D2426
Carbonyl Compounds with Acetaldehydes (SP)max. 20ppm massASTM D4423
Non‐volatile Residue (SP)max. 200ppm massASTM D1025
Alcohol (SP)max. 10ppm massBraskem Method
Butadiene‐1,2 (BA)max. 10ppmASTM D2593

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